Information of reporting a vacancy or an assignment

Here you can report a vacancy or an assignment for the students in the opiskelijatöihin.fi -service or directly to the educational institutions.

If you wish to reach the exchange or international degree students, please fill in the form in English.

After you have added the announcement it will be checked out and approved. If the job offer is suitable for students and you want the announcement be published on the website, it will be shown in open vacancies.

If you prefer the announcement to go directly to the educational institutions, it will be sent to their contact persons according to your choices.

When you have recruited a job seeker you will receive a link by email from where you can delete the filled position from the service.

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    Announcement is visible in the site's announcements section.
    Announcement goes after approval straight to the staff of selected schools.
    Announcement goes after approval straight to e-mail addresses of the students that meet the announcement's school and field of study criteria.

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