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3 - 6 kk

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Master Thesis project


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Elektravägen 53 SE-126 30 Hägersten Sweden SE-126 30, Stockholm

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CO2 Capture System Development

Työtehtävän kuvaus CO2 Capture System Development
Master Thesis project
1. About Ozonetech
Ozonetech is an award-winning green-tech company that has offered premium products for air and water treatment through the use of ozone since 1993.
Our unique technology and extensive expertise has made us a rapidly growing global company with installations in six continents. All development and manufacturing is located in Sweden. In addition, we have in-house specialists for consultation, planning, installation and service.
As a “Center of Excellence” within air and water treatment, we also collaborate in international efforts to develop global standards for purification solutions.
At Ozonetech, we have a strong incentive to reduce energy waste, health risks and the impact on the environment. Our current solutions provide a multitude of benefits in the processing and food industry, real estate, commercial kitchens as well as in the retail market. For additional information, visit our website at www.ozonetech.com

2. Project description and Aim
Industrial emissions are one of the most important environmental challenges of the last decades. Sweden has the goal of becoming GHG emission free by 2050. Fulfilling this goal requires capturing CO2 emission from all types of industries, and not only the major emitters such as district heating plants. At Ozonetech, we work on solutions for small to medium size production industries, such as biogas plants. However, the technology is relatively young and further strategic R&D is needed prior to a market breakthrough. The project starts with an assessment of different sorbents for CO2 capture in order to (a) analyze the capacity of the sorbents, (b) investigate the regenerative abilities or the possibility of using the consumed sorbent in other applications, and (c) estimate the net cost of each sorbent. Once this step is completed, a theorical model for simulating CO2 capture in fixed bed reactors is developed. The model is numerically solved in MATLAB or Octave. The main goal of the simulations is to estimate the breakthrough time of the fixed bed. The effect of different controlling parameters on the breakthrough time should be investigated. Depending on the candidate profile and project direction, the project may also include experimental tests.
This project would include the following:
• Literature survey on sorbents and modeling methods
• Evaluations of sorbents
• Packed bed model development
• Sensitivity analysis of the process parameters
• Viable market positioning
• Thesis Writing

3. Personal profile
Candidate profile:
• Chemical, Energy or mechanical engineering or equivalent
• Strong knowledge in transport phenomena and chemical reaction engineering
• Prior experience in modelling is an advantage
• Skilled in numerical simulations, for example through courses on applied numerical methods or CFD and applied CFD
• Business-oriented mind

4. Scope
Expected scope: 20 weeks, 30 HP/credits
Expected start: Spring 2020

5. Application
We welcome your application! It must include:

• Cover letter
• CV
• Transcript of university grades
Candidates are encouraged to send in their application as soon as possible. We will interview suitable candidates continuously.

6. Contact
Please send your application by an e-mail with attached documents to
Mahmoud Abbasi, m.abbasi@ozonetech.com
For more information, please contact to Ramiar Sadegh-Vaziri, Ozonetech, 08-714 07 04, r.sadegh-vaziri@ozonetech.com
Please note that due to amount of applications, we can only process applicants who fulfil the requirements above.


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