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Research assistant

Työtehtävän kuvaus ‘The Lab’ by METES is looking for research assistants for a project which is done in collaboration with Neste Oyj.The name of the project; Food consumption in Europe in 2030: Trends, Possibilities and Aspirations.

Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society Ry (METES) is launching the first ever ‘The Lab’ project, which enables students to innovate, and conduct project work in collaboration with the biggest and most global Finnish company, Neste Oyj. This Project is set to research a challenge set up by the company and finally represent creative solutions.

This Project is suitable for elective studies, innovation project, or as workplacement and is set to happen between 2021 spring untill fall. Everyone who is a AMK or university student can apply no matter their degree or what they study. The work and interviews are to be done remotely, so you can join this project from everywhere.

Project Description.

Would you like to conduct research on how food consumption will change by 2030 and examine what the most important changes will be? This project is trying to explore questions like; will meat consumption continue to reduce amongst generation Z, or will community values surpass food culture in Europe. The fundamental goal of this project is to develop and gain understanding of what food culture will be in 2030 from the perspective of the uprisng generation.

Information will be collected from a diverse range of platfforms such as social media posts, studies and academic material. Other media will also be used such as blogs, youtube videos and podcasts. In addition to collecting information, there will be opportunities to interview professionals and activists within the industry

Job Description.

We are looking for keen and self driven students to work as research assistants. Tasks include going through related material, reading, analyzing, documenting and referencing them. In addition to this, organizng interviews and workshops will be needed. With this project, you have the opportunity to delve into the future of the food industry, consumption trends. Food and its consumption trends is one of the most important chllenged for the sustainabily of our planet.

Applications start on 3.5.2021 and will continue untill the end of May. Whdn you send your applicatio we will setup a remote interview and brainstorm which tasks best suit you.

The project will end in september and you will have the flexibility to create your own schedule. Depedning on how much time you spend on the project you can earn anywhere from 5-10 study point. Please note, this must be individualy approved and organized with your study coorinator. 27 hours of work is equivalent to 1 Study Credit. After the project, our research ssistant will receive a digital diploma for their participation, and another for working with METES on the research project. You will have the opportunity to work with people from different cultures and background and we will hope to provide tou with a unique experience, and most importa have the opportunity to build a better tomorrow.

You can find below the tasks of the project


-Reading and referencing studies.

-Going through and referencing articles, podcasts and youtube videos.

-Referencing studynotes and organizing them.

-Creating interview questions.

-Executing and documentation of Interviews.

-Planning and executing E-mail interviews or remote interviews.

-Transcipting the interviews.

-Analyzing and reporting the interviews.

Project managment

Reporting the projects phases and results in the report

Content creation for The Lab’s website, blog and social media

Participation in the final report


Creating and mapping out new and creative possibilities for: Enviroment, Consumption of resources, division of food, nutrition, socioeconomic restrcitions, and diet etc..


Apply with us now If you are a AMK or university student, interested about projectwork, content creation, or you just want to join a innovative and creative community, where you can actually make a difference for the world for tomorrow. We are looking for people who work well in a group, are self-imposed, willing to work in a group, willing to try new things and wanting to learn new things. If you have anymore questions, please reach out to us at rekry@metes.fi. The application/link to the application you can find below.

Metropolia Entrepreneurship Association
Myllypurontie 2
00940 Helsinki
Y-Tunnus: 3137252-8


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