International Master\'s Degree Programme in Information Technology


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Master of Information Technology

International Master\'s Degree Programme in Information Technology

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Harjoittelu, Kesätyö, Kokopäivätyö

  • International Islamic University Malaysia, Information Technology, Business Intelligence, valmistunut 2017
  • European Parliament, October 2019 - February 2020, • Focus on the data and process analysis to support the technological needs and services; • Analyze the market and BA tools for adoption to fulfil the needs of various units; • Work to develop a forecasting tool to support the External Translation Unit; • Create business processes using ARIS Connect and visualize the analysis on SAP Lumira Discovery; • Work with different stakeholders and internal units to improve the existing processes; • Actively participate in the discussion of project implementation and adoption; • Support the BA\'s services and be a liaison person to the Head of the BA Cell.
  • Schlumberger, May 2017 - Deceember 2017, • Work in an Agile environment collaboratively with various departments and Product Owners; • Analyse, design, improve and maintain Tableau dashboards; • Gather business requirements for new ETL processes and business reports; • Perform data mining and transformation using BI tools for Data Analysis; • Analyze various internal business cases and developed process and workflows to ideate the end results; • Implement Data Visualization (DV) Solution products for internal production and services particularly On-Time Delivery; • Develop \'Automation Error and message banner\' for the production to assist clients in real time; • Redesign Bootstrap responsive project sheet site from the existing low-level production site; • Quality Control and evaluation of the deliverables; • Involve with various projects and process developments and assisted multiple development projects; • Assist operation team in resolving and fixing internal product-based issues globally.
  • Department of ICT, IIUM, June 2016 - May 2017, • Investigate and gather information requirement from various SME Companies in Malaysia; • Identify the cause and run the analysis to determine the efficiency factors; • Apply Quantitative Analysis method while proposing a new conceptual model for SME companies; • Present works at the national and the international conferences (Turkey, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia); • Publish various scientific journals and conference papers worldwide.
  • International Journal on Perceptive & Cognitive Computing (IJPCC), March 2016 - June 16, • Analyze various web site development tools and identify the necessary hardware and software technologies; • Monitor all routine and non-routine queries for website construction; • Maintain and modify the website with the help of various tools such as HTML and CSS; • Provide support to multiple content management systems in HTML format; • Assist to format and upload various media files on university website; • Assist website technicians to maintain websites effectively.
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  • Suomi, Heikko

Tietotekninen osaaminen
Business Intelligence and Analysis (SAP BI and Lumira, Tableau, Power BI, R, Python, SQL, SPSS);
Project Management (IT and Business);
Data Mining and Analytics (Rapid Miner, ARIS Connect, Alteryx);
Web Technologies (WordPress, HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Bootstrap/AngularJS);
Adobe products (Illustrator, UX/UI);
Technical and Market Research (Google Analytics, Microsoft Office Excel)

Ammatillinen osaaminen
10-2019 - 10-2019 Translating, Revising and Post-processing
European Parliament
01-2015 - 01-2015 Employment Skills for the International Workplace
CrossCulture Connect
08-2014 Leadership Course in the UK
Loughborough University

Vapaa teksti
I am a process-oriented business data enthusiast with in-depth knowledge of database types,
research methodologies and the BPA project lifecycle. With 3 years of varied experience, I am
currently engaged on a short-term fellowship contract with the European Parliament.

During my recent work experience, I have had a particular focus on statistical approaches to
real-world problems and subjects, such as probability theory and statistical processes. As a
research assistant (RA) with the Assoc. Prof. Dr. Akram Zeki, I worked to identify factors
affecting Business Intelligence (BI) efficiency among SME companies in Malaysia, where I
used quantitative analysis method and statistical-modelling to determine the factors. My work
on this project included extensive consultation with stakeholders and has given me great insight
into how companies can be guided to make the most efficient use of the technologies available
to them.

My diverse multidisciplinary practical knowledge and technical experiences lead me to work
as a SSO data and analytics trainee with Schlumberger – the world's largest oilfield service
company. I worked as part of a dynamic team, engaging with multiple departments, while
analysing the company's internal services, such as on-time delivery performance for shipped
products. In addition, I also created processes and product flow diagrams within the project
scope and implemented visually appealing dashboards that helped the company and service
delivery manager to make better management decisions. Moreover, I also worked closely with
the software development team in an agile environment where I directed the team in
redesigning and integrating its internal project site that stored hundreds of visualization
solutions. Furthermore, I also enjoyed working closely with a customer support team and in
particular with the operation manager to resolve global ‘Remedy ticket’ and related product
issues on a daily basis.

Owing to my previous experiences in technology and business, I was chosen to take part in a
new journey with the Business Analysis Cell in the Directorate-General for Translation of
the European Parliament to provide analysis and to develop a new forecasting tool for the
‘External Translation Unit’. This was with the aim of streamlining the unit’s external
recruitment process. The proposed solution will incorporate the demands of five EU bodies
and serve as a single tool maintaining data on requests and contractors. My experience at
Parliament has helped me to explore new processes and policies about has shown me how a
public organization operates at a global level, while providing me with extensive ground to
exercise my problem-solving skills.

These experiences have helped me hone my expertise and develop into an analyst who is
challenge-oriented and can work under pressure. Given the versatility of my background and
the focus I have on research and continuous career development, I would be thrilled at the
possibility of this new role and would love the opportunity to discuss the value that I can bring
to the team.

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